What & Why

We reuse, remake, recycle and upcycle our and other people’s textile scraps to make new and useful things out of these so called waste. All kinds of odds and bits; leftover fabric, yarn, threads etc from other people’s craft projects, large offcuts from bargain fabric markets, upholstery outlet stores, old denim donations from friends, charity haberdashery sales etc. and we weave, sew, free stitch or eco-print these. This is what we do.

Too many good materials end up in the landfills and our world does not need more waste. Collecting such materials gives us a good feeling that we do something for our environment, although what we can reduce is miniscule.

And by channelling our creative streak into making pretty and useful things by our hands we restore positive energy and replenish ourselves. This is why we do what we do.

recycling makes me happy

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