Mending the Past
Older sista here. My one of the last (well, there are many unfinished ones are scattered around) project started with a torn vintage linen napkin/handkerchief with pretty embroidery. A kind lady gave it to me, saying “It has been in a drawer for years, one of my mom’s goodies but it is torn in places[...]
A Letter to Sisterhood of Creativity
We had sent a handmade gift and a thank-you letter to our friends who are behind the Çul & Çaput Boutique. It was a letter to sisterhood of creativity, with love. They kindly posted the pics of the gift and the letter on their Insta account. Here is the link. And here is a rough[...]
The Source of Magic
We call what we do magic but each potion has many ingredients so we wanted to disclose the source of magic 🙂 Our major source for discarded textile materials is monthly meetings of older sista’s local group named after their Facebook group: Your Trash, My Treasure. Senin Çöpün, Benim Hazinem in Turkish. At first, this[…]
The April Frog
Frogs spawn at the end of March, and you can see tadpoles in ponds in April. However, our April frog is already about to jump :D It could be that lockdown periods makes us jumpier than ever. We are full of ideas and our hands are busy with new projects but there is still no[...]
Mom's the World. The pun is intended. Moreover, it is purposeful because mum’s not the word anymore, the fact that Earth’s being the primary mother of all of us is out in the open, it cannot be kept or ignored as a well-hidden secret. Our relationship with our mothers vary from person to person but[...]
Solitude? You wish!
Older sista wrote an article for Thrive Global titled "Solitude? You Wish!" It is about another ordinary (!) day of a crafter and her ever clashing inner selves (ha ha!) We hope you enjoy reading it during this holiday season and nudge us to write more. Wishing you a Merry Christmas! Click to read.
We Tend To Mend
A few days ago, while talking with friends over coffee (later, over beer and wine!) the topic was non-lasting relationships, about how people dump each other easily at the first sign of trouble, how we are unable to mend things and I heard myself saying “We cannot understand this because we are a generation of[...]
When the odd bits come together
Thrifted yarns… a piece of fabric a friend want to throw away… a cherished piece of natural dye testing cloth by Beste Bonnard (older sista’s ecoprint teacher)… Those seemingly odd bits come together and begin to tell us about myriad possibilities of combinations… eventually, one of the probabilities will turn into a Sista&Sista Made product[...]
Stitch Circles and Spirals
It does not matter: the size of the fabric or the color of the yarn or where you put the first stitch… you start without planning, even without thinking about the end result… you may draw a circle or spiral with a pencil but even that is not necessary… It is all about starting something[...]
Perfect Example Of Upcycling
It is such a shame to waste those beautiful tshirt hanger loop ribbons so we collect them and used for embellishing a piece of burlap scrap then converted it into a gorgeous blue cushion which you would glad to have it on your sofa as an inspiring object. Click to see.

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