Ecoprinted Cotton Castor Oil

Ecoprinted Cotton Castor Oil

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Size: M

Chest: 51 cm / Body Length: 68 cm. Wrinkled cotton, short sleeved shirt. Mordanted with oak gall and ecoprinted with castor oil plant leaves, dry grass, onion skins.

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Product Description

Castor oil plant leaves sometimes grow to enormous sizes; when we found a giant one, we could not help but use it on this wrinkled cotton short sleeve shirt, mordanted with gall oak. The veins of that huge leaf left an interesting pattern and the rest of the plants (incense tree leaves, onion skins, eucalyptus, dry grass and some local weeds) contributed to its intriguing look.

Hand dyedSize: M, Chest: 51 cm / Body Length: 68 cm


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