Ecoprinted Linen Table Cover

Ecoprinted Linen Table Cover

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Size : W: 52 cm x L: 164 cm

100 % linen, coral pattern table runner. Hand dyed and ecoprinted with castor oil plant and pepper tree leaves, and onion skins.


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Product Description

Ecoprinted linen table cover or table runner. This beautiful 100% linen piece was originally in ecru color with a small red dot left from a textile pen accident. When we were in an another (sigh!) ecoprinting frenzy, we mordanted it with gall oak and then ecoprinted with castor oil and pepper plant leaves, and some shredded onion skins. The original weave pattern of corals and the new bluish-gray natural dye together created this beautiful result.

Hand dyed / Size : W: 52 cm x L: 164 cm


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