Ecoprinted Panel Cushion 2

Ecoprinted Panel Cushion 2

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Size : W: 47 cm x H: 41 cm

Front: Dark brown faux velvet fabric detailed with muslin fabric, ecoprinted with young eucalyptus branches, bordered with green tshirt yarn and hand stitched message. Back: Dark brown faux velvet fabric. With invisible zipper. Polyester filled inner pad included.

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Product Description

This is Ecoprinted Panel Cushion 2. It has a non-identical twin. Ecoprinting is one of the best ways of learning about plants around you as you have to pick some leaves or flowers to transfer to a fabric through a not-so-easy process but when the bundles are opened… well, it is worth the whole trouble. However you may fall in love not with your intended fabric but with the “iron blanket” you need to use in the process. This cushion is adorned with a corner of such a blanket. Poetic.

Handmade / Size : W: 47 cm x H: 41 cm. Polyester filled inner pad included.


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