Framed Spiral Yellow

Framed Spiral Yellow

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Size: 18 x 21 cm
Textile art wall hanging. Short clippings of thread and yarn cut offs
arranged and glued in a special spiral pattern on a fabric scrap.
Coloured with textile pens.
Natural colour wood framed with anti-reflective glass.
Vertical/horizontal options to hang!

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Product Description

When we saw a photo of the spiral water channel at the Neelkanth Temple in India, we fall in love with the pattern. After copying and drawing the pattern on four pieces of ecru coloured fabric scraps, we waited an inspiration from the Muses. One of the muses pointed to the jars we filled with small offcuts of yarns and threads. We just picked some various colours and made these smaller and smaller with scissors. And glued the resulted fluff to the pattern. As usual, to make it quirkier, we used textile pens to add some background colour. Originally, we made four of these but one is already snapped by a friend. So, grab yours: all or one 😊

Handmade Wall Art / Size: 18 x 21 cm


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