Refashioned Denim Jacket Ecoprint

Refashioned Denim Jacket Ecoprint

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Size M, Height 51 cm x Chest 96 cm
(For detailed measurements, please scroll down to the product story)

Preloved Stefanel Brand Black Denim Jacket
with eco printed back panel

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Product Description

Refashioned again! RefashionSistas are in a roll! We keep on re-enchanting preloved jackets. After all, they are one of a kind and have more than 9 lives to bring good spirit to their new owners.

This one is a black denim jacket, Stefanel Brand and on its back panel, we added a piece of wool fabric, ecoprinted with madder root and leaves of incense and eucalyptus trees, grass and pepper pods. This is a piece of the older sista’s first ecoprinted wool fabric that came out of the cauldron after 90 minutes of boiling. That happened during her first ecoprint training she received from her teacher Beste Bonnard. What you get from the cauldron (all right, it was a stainless steel pot!) is always a “bundle” of surprise. Never the same, always the unique results of ecoprinting keep on enchanting us.

And when you are especially in need of a warm support, this jacket will get your back. If you want to have a cooler version, please check this burgundy mandala jacket. Refashioned, at its best!

Measurements as buttoned;

Chest: 96 cm
Waist: 90 cm
Back length: 51 cm
Sleeve length: 60 cm
Upper arm width: 35 cm

Ecoprinted and refashioned: a good way of lending new life to fabrics

To plain fabrics, old bed sheets, garments with stubborn stains etc. Instead of discarding, you can try ecoprinting them. There are many techniques to “coerce or convince” the plant material to leave their shapes, marks or even colours on fabric. Because it requires some steps, it is always good to plan ahead with the design or the techniques. So, please Google and find the most suitable one/s for you.

You may go for natural dyeing the fabric first and then ecoprinting it (bundles steamed or boiled). Or just go “hapazome” 😊, that is, hammering leaves or flowers to your fabric. Good for anger management, too!

Each result will be a surprise, unique, one of a kind! Colleteral benefit of ecoprinting is learning a great deal about the plants in your garden and the neighbourhood. And please don’t forget to thank to Mother Nature for each leaf, flower or weed you take for your ecoprint projects.


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