Denim Bottle Bag

Denim Bottle Bag

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Dia: 16 cm x H: 26 cm

Blue denim trousers leg upcycled to a prosecco/fat wine bottle bag, with flat bottom to ensure the bottle’s secure standing, hand strap and hems adorned with gold glitter fabric scrap. Bottle is not included.

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Product Description

Cutting down plastic use but not cutting down trees for packaging paper. What about cutting this environmental knot by carrying our bottled gifts in a denim bag? We created this bottle bag out of a cut off denim leg and adorned with a scrap gold glitter fabric for a festive touch. When the bottle gets empty, this bag can be filled again to travel from party to party and to celebrate life and friendship. Long live to the sustainable solutions!

Handmade / Dia: 16 cm x H: 26 cm.


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