Felt Bits Cushion

Felt Bits Cushion

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Size : W: 42 cm x H: 45 cm

Front: Colorful small polar fleece cuttings, arranged in a mosaic pattern, hand sewn and fastened to blue denim scrap fabric. Back: Purple denim fabric. Four different colored acyrilic yarn tassels in corners. With purple colored zipper. Polyester filled inner pad included.

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Product Description

What do you do if you’re given a bag full of colorful and small polar fleece cuts?  A mosaic cushion.

We simply sat down and played with them at first; grouping them by color, later mixing them and then, sprinkling them on a denim scrap. When flattened and arranged a little, these small polar fleece pieces looked like a mosaic.

The rest is a new creation. Each piece hand sewn and fastened to the denim fabric, again with scrap yarn. When we were happy with the front, next step was diving into our gradually deepening fabric pool to find a good match; and the purple colored denim scrap we found is now the back of this lively, colorful mosaic cushion.

And imagine our happiness when we discovered a purple zipper and colorful tassels at the bottom of the said pool of ours. Well, maybe we must call it an ocean. 🙂

Handmade / Size : W: 42 cm x H: 45 cm / Polyester filled inner pad included.


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