Denim Bag w/ Red Green White Mandala


Denim Bag w/ Red Green White Mandala

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Size : W: 34 cm x H: 36 cm
Strap Lenght: 116 cm

Scrap denim bag; lined with light green coton fabric, inside pocket and loops for pens; red cotton ribbon between 2 layers of denim shoulder strap; front detail: woven circle with scrap fabric and yarns in x-mas colours, asymetric bottom; magnet for closure.

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Product Description

A friend gave us some white edging material and it reminded us snow and winter, then another friend handed us some scraps after an Xmas market; then it was inevitable to weave this mandala with all those green, red and white scrap fabrics and yarns. When it came together with the denim bag, this mandala became a seasonal greeting for all the new years to come; or just to enjoy a red-green-white mandala bag. Younger sista also added a magnet to this denim bag for secure closing.

Weaving Mandalas with Scrap Fabric and Yarns for Your Plain Denim Bag

Have a loop or a circle loom? Then, you know the drill. Prepare your loom and bring out all the small scraps of fabric and/or yarns. Start from the centre by weaving, go under and over the warp threads and let loose your creativity until you reach the widest part of your loom. Anything goes! Only fabric strips, only scrap yarns or the combination of them. As long as you secure the knots at the back, you will end up with a wonderful mandala. If you like, you can secure the backside of your mandala by sewing a fabric. The tricky part is to choose the backside because sometimes what you consider back turns out prettier than the front.


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